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March 30 2015

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Lego ready for Jurassic World. (find the concept here)
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March 09 2015

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25 years of Ps
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February 12 2015

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Photographers with their famous photos. Bit(e) of history. (via 9gag.com)
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January 26 2015

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DIY branded collection! (via 9gag.com)
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December 23 2014

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November 26 2014

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This little library has just pushed me to rethink interior design of my future house. (via 9gag.com)
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November 10 2014

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Yeah, it's like everyone could make their own Starbucks logo... (via 7rano.com, via more here)
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October 29 2014

Hu2 Design... don't forget ;-)
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What would McGyver do?
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Alien vs Predator. (via http://www.7rano.com)
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October 28 2014

The Best Business Cards In The World Today

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October 27 2014

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Mess with the best...
Pepsi Halloween ad turned against itself by Coca-Cola fans. (via 9gag)
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October 24 2014

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Star Wars nut cracker! Shall I say "I'll take them myself." (via 7rano.com, available here )
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Creativity diarrhea. (via 9gag.com)
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October 01 2014

How far your doodle will go? (via 9gag)
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September 01 2014

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Just some smartphone photo tricks
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August 05 2014

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July 24 2014

owiel still loves you
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June 09 2014

Robin Eley's hyper-realist paintings
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